DIY Glitter Tumblers

Kayla Lucas

Summer has arrived, and so has the need for ice cold refreshments. Here at Kayla's Kompany, we love tumbler cups with cute sayings or fun images, but all of the cups we had are kind dull. So, we set out to find a way to spice them up! I've got a list of supplies and step by step directions for you to get the glittery tumbler of your dreams! One thing to note, this post contains affiliated links**. Ordering a product through these links may result in a commission, but this do not increase your cost of the product. This is simple a way to keep these tutorials free to you!

Here are the items you need:

Mod Podge Dishwasher Safe Waterbased Sealer, Glue and Finish (8-Ounce) or 16-Ounce if you are looking to go all out and make like 50 cups.

Insulated Travel Tumblers 32 oz., 3 Pack, or you can often find 16 oz cups at your local dollar store

Glitter, variety or one color, I prefer the way extra fine looks

brush of some kind, sponge or regular (I prefer a regular brush kept slightly damp during use)


1. Apply a liberal amount of mod podge to the tumbler cup where you would like the glitter.

Pro tip: Use painter's tape to make your lines crisp, but its not mandatory

2. If only applying one color, sprinkle that color over the wet mod podge and shake off excess. If applying two or more colors be careful where you sprinkle the glitter. I prefer to start at the bottom with a dark color and more towards the top of the cup. Once you've added your first color, add your second, lightly sprinkling over the first to make the transition more gradual (unless you like the sharp contrast). Repeat until all your colors have been added.

Pro tip: I like to apple glitter outside and/or over a small plastic tub with a creased piece of paper in it. The creased paper catches the excess glitter and allows you to dump it back into the contain, so its not wasted.

3. Allow this first coat to dry for 1-2 hour, if not longer.

4. Apply another coat of mod podge and note that some glitter might come off during this coat. If your glitter looks thin, you can always add more.

5. Allow this second coat to dry for 1-2 hours.

6. If you added more glitter, and then you should add one more coat of mod podge. If you didn't add more glitter skip this step.

7. Make sure you let your cup dry for at least 2 days after the final coat of mod podge before using.

Pro tip: the mod podge label says to let it cure for 28 day before it is dishwasher safe. I prefer to hand wash my cup, so i use it after only the 2 days of drying. I have not tested my cups in the dishwasher, but that is because I've had tumbler cups break in the dishwasher, not because I think the glitter will wash off. Still, wash with care.

8. Enjoy your icy beverage!

Don't want to go thru the hastle? Don't have time for a DIY? You can order a customized cup in our store. Check it out.

love, kay


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